Discussion guide for Faith at Home

For individuals or groups reading Faith at Home: A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents

Chapter 1 Talking about God

  • How has your understanding of God changed over time?
  • What barriers or bridges have you encountered in talking about God or religion with relatives, friends, coworkers, children?
  • What names or images for God or the Divine resonate with you?

Chapter 2 Talking with God

  • What does prayer mean to you?
  • Please share a way of praying that’s meaningful to you.
  • How and when do you pray with your children?

Chapter 3 Bible Stories

  • What scripture stories or verses challenge you, give you strength, comfort you?
  • How do you approach reading and understanding the Bible with children?
  • What ways of responding to scripture have you tried and would recommend?

Chapter 4 Why Church?

  • What is your earliest or most vivid memory of church?
  • What do you find at church that you can’t or don’t experience elsewhere?
  • What do you hope your children will find at church?

Chapter 5 Seasons and Celebrations

  • What season of the church year holds the most meaning for you, and why?
  • What special tradition do you have for celebrating a religious or secular holiday at home?
  • Which holy day would you like to try celebrating with your family this year?

Chapter 6 Making Home Holy

  • What makes home holy for you?
  • Please share a mealtime, family night, or bedtime ritual or practice that your family enjoys or would like to try.
  • Please share a tradition or ritual for birthdays, milestones or another special day that your family enjoys or would like to try.

Chapter 7 Finding God in Difficult Times

  • How are you aware of God’s presence in difficult times?
  • What has helped you most in a time of grief or loss?
  • What have you found most helpful with children who are experiencing grief or loss?

Chapter 8 Meeting God in Others

  • Please share an experience of being included or including others outside your family.
  • What opportunities have worked well in expanding your children’s circles of concern?
  • How has your family been able to learn about other religions and cultures?