My Pinterest boards Ideas for responding to Bible stories, celebrating seasons and holidays, articles and booklists on related subjects.

Building Faith Resources and ideas from across the Episcopal Church curated by a team at Virginia Theological Seminary.

Candle Press  Note especially the “To Go” section intended for families with young children as well as the resources for Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist.

Grow Christians An online community for parents sponsored by Forward Movement and Plainsong Farm.

My post about reading the Bible with kids in Grow Christians.

Illustrated Children’s Ministry  Really cool illustrated coloring pages and posters as well as seasonal devotions and activities for families.

Momastery Glennon Doyle’s online community of “truth-tellers and hope-spreaders;” think “monastery,” but for mothers and others.

My Faith, My Life Author and youth formation specialist Jenifer Gamber created this website with great resources for parents, kids, teens and church leaders.

Sleepytime Club  Mom, musician, author, and educator Brook Packard offers ways and tunes for helping create meaningful memories at bedtime for you and your children.

The Bible Project Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins began this crowd-funded nonprofit video project in 2014 with the intent of changing how people read and use the Bible.

Traci Smith Pastor and author Traci Smith has printable resources for families and congregations, including a “family faith jar” with conversation starters, prayers and practices that can be done in five to ten minutes.


Bibles and Bible Storybooks

Hendrix, John. Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus (New York: Abrams Books, 2016).

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Ross, Steve. Marked (New York: Seabury Books, 2005). A graphic novel based on the Gospel of Mark

Shine On: A Story Bible (Elgin, IL: Brethren Press, 2014). Age: Elementary

The CEB Student Bible (Common English Bible, 2015). Age: Middle School and up

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Picture Books

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Saints’ Days and Holy Days

Alary, Laura, and Ann Boyajian. Look!: A Child’s Guide to Advent and Christmas (Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2017)

Alary, Laura, and Ann Boyajian. Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter (Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2016)

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For Parents and Educators

Barrie, Wendy Claire. Faith at Home: A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents (New York: Morehouse Publishing, 2016).

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