On writing a book

As a general rule, I do not recommend getting married, starting a new job, and writing a book in the same year. I also do not recommend writing a book using the hunt-and-peck method, or using a keyboard that looks like this:


Still, I wrote a book, and in a few weeks people will be reading it. People who do not already know and love me, plus people who know and love me and may very well disagree with me. Peter, my thirteen-year-old son, is grateful that his friends will not be reading the book, that the people reading embarrassing stories about him either know them already or are of an age and disposition to not tease him publicly.

I’m excited and nervous, as you perhaps can tell.  In Faith at Home: A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents, I am both “the expert” (the field of Christian formation and ministry to children, youth and families is my vocation)  and in the struggle, too: how we live and raise children with a strong Christian identity as well as the ability to think critically and act compassionately in this day and age is a lot of work.

There’s much joy in it, too, and I look forward to hearing from you, readers and potential readers, about what interests, inspires and engages you in this conversation about Christian parenting, cautiously or with abandon or anywhere in between.


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