Mourning calls for action


Re-member us,
you who are living,
restore us, renew us.
Speak for our silence.
Continue our work.
Bless the breath of life.
Sing of the hidden patterns.
Weave the web of peace.

–Judith Anderson

I first posted this after the Tree of Life synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh in 2017, which was the deadliest assault ever on a Jewish community in the United States. Now, the morning after yet another massacre of American children and teachers in a Texas public school, twelve days after ten Black people were intentionally gunned down in a Buffalo supermarket, I’m thinking about re-membering, and what it means to “speak for [their] silence” and “continue [their] work.” Surely learning and play is the work of children, and safeguarding their ability to learn and play is our work. People of all faiths and no faith and every age and identity should be able to go to worship and work and school, to shop for groceries and attend concerts and movies and dance parties without fear. What is our work?

Our work is to pray and to act, to mourn and to change laws. Our work is to partner with God in helping to bring about God’s realm of peace and mercy and justice for every human being.

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